Our Dry-Age-Fish in the »Falstaff« magazine

Our innovative method of serving dry-aged fish was the focus of another great article written by Marlene von Dallwitz from the Falstaff magazine.

Similarly to the dry-ageing of beef, the dry-ageing of fish enhances the flavour and improves the texture. That’s the conclusion of the Falstaff magazine as summed up in a short article published this week. In an exclusive interview, the editor Marlene von Dallwitz finds out which fish are best to dry-age, what the optimal dry-ageing time is and why our dry-aged fish has absolutely nothing in common with stockfish. You can read the whole interview online on the Falstaff website (in german).

The most recent article published in the Austrian newspaper OÖN about our dry-aged process can be read here (in german).